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Want to free up your time while growing your practice & helping more patients heal?
SPECIAL OFFER: $3,997 OFF | FREE Marketing And Sales Materials | FREE Staff Training
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About Our Special Offer
We are offering an INSANE deal for you for a very limited time, which will not be repeated.

If you qualify and decide you want to start offering your clients and patients this Advanced Weight Loss System, then you can look forward to:
  • Save $3,997 off the total cost.
  • ​Get access to our tested, proven and easy to use marketing and sales materials for FREE.
  • ​We will train your staff for FREE.
If you want to free up your time, have the ability to help transform your patients lives in another way, and increase your income, then you need to book a call ASAP!
What can NewWave Weight Loss System do for doctors? 
Let’s face it, a Chiropractor only makes money when they treat patients.
This is a trap that many of us fall into. If you are like me, you love helping patients heal, you love your craft and your misson, but as you become more and more overworked you fear that you may lose your passion and motivation to heal the world with the help of Chiropractic.

On top of that, insurance reimbursement for Chiropractic is continuing to decline. In order to just meet the same revenue numbers from years past, you need to see more patients, which in turn leads to burn out.

We solve this problem by teaching Doctors how to increase their cash flow by adding weight loss to their office without having to be directly involved in the day to day interactions with the patient. 

After implementing this plug-and-play Weight Loss Business System, Doctors finally are able to spend more time with family, vacationing and enjoying life, as opposed to being a slave to their practice. 

And it helps your business grow even faster! In addition to adding a strong cash vertical, our system drives more new patients to their businesses. It is much easier to attract new patients for weight loss than strictly chiropractic. By implementing our weight loss system that produces results immediately, patients will develop trust and respect for the doctor and office quickly, which will allow them to open up the opportunity to sell them other services.

We currently have doctors who exceed $4 Million in annual revenue (just in weight loss) and are barely ever in their offices. This is real freedom.

My current lifestyle is the same. I don't live in the same city where my office is. I hadn't been there in 18 months up until June. I get to travel and work from home all while collecting millions of dollars per year. This is not a theoretical protocol.

I've helped many doctors over the last 11 years generate 6 to 7 figures in revenue annually without ever needing to be in the office. We teach them and their staff how to build this around their team and help their patients achieve amazing results fast.
Done for you business model with ongoing staff training and support.
Our 6-step System: How We Help You Generate 7-figures In 12 Months
We are constantly improving our systems and products to make sure our Weight Loss System delivers consistent results in an ever-changing world. We also understand other verticals that many doctors have in their offices such as Decompression Therapy, Neuropathy and functional medicine and we can show you how to leverage them for even faster business growth.

New Wave Weight Loss System includes:

  • Business Strategy - Everything needed to support your business. That includes team members, office space allocation, and marketing assessment/budgeting. We review business revenue goals and the steps required to achieve them.
  • ​Marketing Training - We cover how to set up affordable and effective TV, radio and print ads, as well as social media marketing funnels. We discuss budget, review best marketing options and then make the appropriate introductions to vendors to help achieve these goals to start producing new patients.
  • ​Sales Training - Here we go into the specifics of how to correctly enroll new patients into the weight loss program and how to handle all objections before they even happen. We strive to achieve 80% enrollment.
  • ​Patient Management - We go into how to maximize patient results and how to handle any challenges that arise while their patients are on their program. We also review how to support these clients in a virtual environment thus not needing the patients to have to come to the office for coaching.
  • ​Hiring and Training - Here we review how to hire, train and financially motivate your team to help you achieve your business goals. 
  • Wealth Strategies & Management - Here we teach you how to preserve your wealth and to grow it with various strategies and will make the introduction to the people who have helped us achieve this.
Here are just a few of the REAL success stories of doctors.
This system works. Here are just a few of the REAL stories of our patients.
Janice S.
Lost 32 pounds and 
6 dress sizes in 60 Days!
Ben Y.
Lost 55 pounds 
and 22 inches in 11 weeks!
Dawn K.
Lost 65 lbs, 32 inches, 
and 10 Dress Sizes!
This is more than a smart business move... It's a truly transformational Weight Loss System  that will change your life and help many patients.
I’ve Been In Your Shoes…  

After a few years of being in practice, I loved serving patients, but I couldn’t see myself working the hours I was for the impact and income I was making.

I was bogged down in paperwork and trading time for dollars. I didn’t have the freedom to travel without it massively impacting my bottom line. 

I just didn’t feel like this was a recipe for “getting ahead” and creating the type of lifestyle that I wanted. A lifestyle that allowed me to earn money from a remote office, and leverage the internet to drive residual income. 

I Needed An Upgrade In Thinking & Systems to Break 7 Figures & Create The Lifestyle I Wanted

I started thinking, “There has got to be a better way. What if I could create a virtual system that got better results with my patients? 

What if I could use the internet to positively impact people around the world? What if I could create scalable streams of residual income that would help me break through the 7-figure range?” 

Then I thought, “Hey, if I’m going to create my dream life, why not do it in such a way that it wouldn’t feel like ‘work’, rather I would be in my ‘retirement’, working in my gifting and doing the things I love?”  

At the same time I was challenging my belief system, I started noticing the quality of life of all the doctors working around me.

They worked long hours in the name of the “mission”, or because they “had to” but they had no balance and many of them were being controlled by the insurance industry or “the system”.  

I knew that this wasn’t what I wanted for my future and that I needed to “get out”, and start an entirely new model. 

The Advice A Mentor Told Me That Skyrocketed My Growth 

One of my mentors told me two things that changed the game for me:  

"Isaac, if you don’t create the future that you want, then you will end up creating the vision that someone else has for their future. You don’t need to have all the answers. Just pursue your vision and the answers will come.”  

And the second thing he told me was: 

“Surround yourself with abundant minded people that have created massive success in the areas you want to grow, and model them. Don’t reinvent the wheel. You’ll waist too much money and time.” 

Taking The Leap of Faith To Building My Dream Business & Life 

I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But that didn’t stop me. While I was still in practice, I invested time in building my dream business on the side. 

In 2009 I envisioned running a virtual practice selling “high-ticket” one-on-one health consulting programs.  
I envisioned creating digital online programs and “one-to-many” online programs that could transform the health of people that go through them without having to invest much of my own time. 

I was starting to think “smart”. 

And I saw myself selling supplements and products in my online store that would also be a source of residual income.  

So I did it.

It wasn’t easy. I wish I had an “evolved version of myself” that I could have learned from…

But I began pioneering the virtual practice and online authority marketing.

But after cutting my teeth and making 100’s of mistakes, I finally created more freedom. I found myself running my business from:

- A Chalet in the Cognac Region of France

- A yacht parked overtop of the great barrier reef in Australia

- The lounge at the Four Seasons Tokyo during my culinary tour of Japan

- My Mom & Dads house in Toronto, Canada

You name it, I was running my business and making money anywhere I went. My virtual practice and online brand allowed me to:

- Break past the 7 figure range (I’m currently in a private Mastermind of internet marketers all scaling over 8-figures).

- The time to invest into executing other ideas I’ve had (such as serving doctors and health professionals in events and masterminds).

- Build my dream house and buy my dream car.

I made a lot of mistakes along the way, wasting time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Because of my success, word started to spread amongst the leaders in the health space.

Soon enough doctors were reaching out to me asking for coaching and training.

The first person I helped in 2012 was my good friend Josh Wagner. He flew up to Toronto where I was living at the time (I currently live in Atlanta), and we masterminded for a few hours. He flew back to New York and within a few months he built his dream business that was location independent.

Here’s what he said: 
Ironically, the SECOND person that asked to “mastermind” with me was one of my best friends Josh Axe. Two Josh’s! Lol!

I just moved back to Atlanta in 2013 and after I told him the success I was having online he asked, “Can I fly to Atlanta to spend some time with you?”

I said, “Of course! Anything to help out brother.”

At the time apparently Dr. Axe was spending more then he was making and only had 3 months left of cash in his business account.

We met an eclectic restaurant called R. Thomas in Atlanta and began masterminding.

One month after that meeting he had his first 6 figure month and he’s never turned back.

Below “the red dot” is at the lowest point in Dr. Axe’s business journey, which was when we had masterminded together for 10x growth. 
Fast-forward to today, Josh and I have done 7 figures in ONE WEEK online. I’ve build the world's largest online health consulting business and he now has the #1 online health brand worth over $300 million dollars.
Now he’s the one that’s often adding value to my mastermind and team!

Here’s what Josh had to say: 
Josh and I look forward to hosting you at 2018’s Health Experts Alliance Event where your life will never be the same again!
Dr. Isaac Jones and Dr. Josh Axe
you’re going to learn the “SEO” 3-step system to becoming a Health Expert...
#1. Systematize - In order to scale and if you want, even sell any practice or business you have to systematize. This is what enables Dr. Jones and Erica as well as Dr. Axe to make money while they sleep from anywhere they are traveling around the world.
For example, one of the first things you can do to systematize your business is to document all processes in your business that occur from day to day. These are processes like email responses, appointment scheduling, patient and new employee onboarding and even product launches.
This becomes a reference point or training manual so that everyone knows what’s expected. As you hire new people and Expand (here’s where we get to the “E” in SEO), you have a step-by-step guide that makes hiring and general office operations a breeze.
#2. Expand. This is where you move more towards accomplishing your life vision. We want you to build a first class team and expand your influence by creating ways you can create residual income and impact more lives through the online space - whether that’s writing a best-selling book or creating your own high-converting online programs.
Once you’ve systematized your bread and butter business, you can move forward by adding additional income streams to expand your reach. This can be automated online programs, launching a physical product line like supplements or simply broadening your existing menu of services. 
#3. Optimize. This is where you start polishing the goals and systems you have to make them even better so you can impact more people.
When you’re optimizing you’re asking questions like:
-  Where can I add more value to patients?
 - Where can we cut out steps in our process to make things more streamlined?
Optimization can include elevating patient experiences to create raving fans of your work (this is essential if you want to build a referral based business that’s not dependent on heavy marketing and ad spend). Or it could mean hiring a new distributor to fulfill products from your online store. Really, it’s anything that makes your business run better.
We will be getting into all of the details on what it takes to go through the SEO process at the Health Experts Alliance.
This is an event that will be packed with strategies and tips that can completely transform your business and your life. Our goal is for you to 10x your investment within the first 3 months of attending.